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LANAP Laser Surgery

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Our laser treatment is the latest technology LANAP has to offer with less pain bringing concrete results for successful treatment compared to conventional methods. For further information visit the resources tab and click on the link related.

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Among the dental implants utilized by our Doctors which is key for successful results are Straumann, Biomet 3i, Nobel Boicare active and Biocare replace are the best quality implants specially designed and precisely selected for every situation. Providing simple one system kit of different materials for the doctors freedom of choice. For further information visit resources tab and click on the related link to answer any technical questions.

3D Digital X-Rays


X-rays are very important for each individual before any procedure is done to predict any possible outcome. The GALILEOS ComfortPLUS provides 3D imaging for a precise evaluation every time. For any further information visit resources tab and a direct link is provided for related information of the tool.

Digital X-Rays


Intraoral X-ray unit Heliodent Plus from Dentsply Sirona provides exceptional image quality for specific spots with a minimal exposure of rays in split seconds and displays instantly accessible for viewing on a digital screen. For further information visit resources tab and click on the related link to answer further questions.  



Teeth cleanings are suggested to be done a few times a year and it is key to having a healthy smile. Consistent checkups will prevent problems from spreading and our team of dental hygienist are essential part of our practice. 




The surgical procedure for crown lengthening can be performed by numerous reasons and the main reason to reconstruct gum tissue or bone to expose more tooth's surface.

Bone and Tissue regeneration



Periodontal Therapy & Maintenance






We are aware how pain can affect your beloved ones. That is why the doctors cellphone numbers are provided to our patients to ensure that during the whole process we got you covered to ensure a peace of mind.

Biopsy/Oral Pathology


Many general health conditions  as well as local Oral or Head/Neck conditions can manifest themselves as changes in the mouth soft tissues or bones. A diagnosis can be established through the examination of a small piece  of tissue surgically collected (Biopsy) from the lesion itself.


Bone Grafting


When the teeth are lost, especially if they had infections or had undergone surgical treatments before their loss, the bone begins to resorb ("melt") away. At times this leads to insufficient bone to receive implants or support dentures. Bone grafting increases the amount of available bone surgically to facilitate restoration. 




While it is a last resort for many teeth, Extraction can be a blessing and a great way to alleviate pain and other problems that can arise from diseased or abnormally positioned teeth.

Nitrous Oxide Analgesia


Its a mixture of gases safe and effective help and alleviate anxiety providing a comfortable procedure along the way.

Intravenous sedation and Anesthesia


Closely monitored and safe




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